Turn plain milk into delicious vanilla milk

Although milk is brimming with nutrition it can turn into a boring chore due to its bland taste, but a little imagination can surely turn plain milk into delicious vanilla milk. Vanilla is a classic flavor loved by all and your taste buds too will demand more once you allow them to experience the rich and smooth flavor of vanilla in your milk.

Most people enjoy a glass or cup of cold milk along with sugar. However, in cold weather, a hot cup of milk can really work wonders in warming up your body. You might also have used cocoa powder or chocolate to provide delicious flavor to your hot or cold milk. You might also have used coffee milk in your coffee drinks to conjure up delicious coffee flowing with crisp taste and a wonderful aroma. However, coffee contains caffeine that can refresh you during the day but makes it unsuitable to be consumed at night as it might not allow you to sleep quickly.

In such a case, drinking a hot or cold cup of milk enhanced with delectable vanilla flavor can help you to relax instantly. You can now sip on smooth and creamy milk infused with the amazing flavor of vanilla. It is extremely easy to prepare vanilla milk in hot or cold form. If you want to prepare a cold vanilla shake then all you need is a cup of cold milk, sugar, crushed ice cubes and vanilla. You can simply blend all the four together in a blender so as to get mouth-watering cold vanilla shake that looks excellent due to the froth on top, smells excellent due to the light aroma of vanilla and tastes excellent due to the presence of vanilla.

If you want to infuse vanilla in hot milk then the process is again quite simple. You can just heat up the milk and sugar in a pan or in your microwave oven, and add vanilla to the cup before sipping on the flavored steaming milk. You can use full fat milk or low fat milk depending on how many calories you want to allow into your body and can also replace sugar with sugar-substitutes. You can also use vanilla syrup or vanilla essence to flavor your milk.

While vanilla syrup is an excellent option that can be added to milk or even to your coffee drinks to turn it into gourmet coffee, most syrup bottles contain high amounts of sugar. This could turn into calories and will anyway not be suitable for diabetics. You can try sugar free vanilla syrups but on the whole syrup bottles do turn out to be an expensive proposition. You should instead look at an option that is extremely cost-effective as well as safe to be added into your coffee or milk drinks.

Vanilla essence concentrates are inexpensive to buy and you can easily locate sugar-free vanilla flavor over the internet. This will allow you to enjoy blending in this wonderful flavor in different types of milk drinks and also serve it to your loved ones. It takes only seconds to blend in vanilla into milk but the resultant pleasure will be remembered by your taste buds for hours.

Drinking plain milk can seem boring after a while and you might even stop drinking milk due to this boredom. However, you can bring in some excitement back into your milk-drinking routine by adding the smooth flavor of vanilla. You too can turn plain milk into delicious vanilla milk and sip on it without worrying about piling on pounds or spiking your sugar levels.

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