Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Coffee Bean Grinders

A coffee lover may obtain a coffee bean grinder to grind their roasted coffee beans in order to prepare their daily cup of coffee. Grinding their own coffee gives them the satisfaction of getting all the pleasure derived from the aroma and the flavor thereof. One can therefore obtain a coffee maker with grinder in order to lower the cost involved in purchasing the two separately. This combination allows a person to combine the task of grinding the coffee beans and increase surface area in order to derive the best out of the coffee.

Types Of Coffee Bean Grinders

There are different types of coffee bean grinders that include the blade and the burr coffee bean grinder. Each of the two kinds of grinders has their main advantages and disadvantages. First, the blade coffee bean grinder is straightforward and is the more common of the two kinds of coffee grinders. This grinder has a blade and electric motor and is very easy to use. The users of this coffee bean grinder simply put in the beans and cover it. They then power it by pressing a button.

In addition, the blade coffee bean grinder is easy to operate since one can easily determine the size of the grind they desire by simply allowing it more time to grind. Its popularity is also as a result of its low cost in comparison to the burr coffee grinder.

On the other hand, the blade coffee bean grinder has a number of disadvantages such as the inability to create consistency in the size of the coffee grind. In addition, this grinder leads to the great loss of the coffee aroma and flavor where the grind is made very fine.

The burr coffee bean grinder on the other hand is a more articulate grinder that allows its user to create consistency in the size of coffee grind they make. In addition, this kind of grinder comes in two types, the conical shaped grinder and the flat shaped grinder. To control the grind using this grinder, one positions the burrs according to the desired size of the grind.

Further, a person can opt to buy a high-speed, gear-reduction low speed or a self-drive burr coffee grinder. This will determine whether they lose the aroma and flavor of the coffee or not. At very high speeds, the aroma and flavor are likely to be lost.

The disadvantages attributed to this coffee bean grinder include the fact that it is more costly in comparison to the blade coffee grinder. In addition, it requires thorough clean up after use and the coffee beans are stuck on the blades sometimes.