Easy and Affordable: Filter Coffee Maker

Today, finding a filter coffee maker is easy and affordable. Filter coffee makers abound on the market today and are priced in such a way that a single cup coffee maker can usually be found for about ten dollars on the inexpensive end of the market. Even a coffee maker and espresso machine combination set can be found for about fifty dollars which is very inexpensive for the variety of different functions that it offers. There are also filter coffee makers that are of the kind that a person has to watch over rather than being automatic. Some are pour over drip coffee makers where the boiling water is poured into the filter by hand so that the water can slowly sift through the coffee and into the pot below. Some thing that this method is a better way to brew the coffee rather than the automatic drip methods, but for the average coffee drinker, it does not seem to make much of a difference.

Features Of Filter Coffee Maker

Filter coffee makers come with a variety of options to choose from. There are some that will only make one cup of coffee but they make it into a travel mug so that the person can walk right out the door to start his day with his coffee mug in his hand. There are others that are dual coffee makers, so that a couple can each have their own mug automatically made for them and there is not a pot to clean up afterward. Although these versions are handy to have, if the couple is going to be entertaining, they are not the best choice in a coffee maker.

There are other filter coffee makers that have automatic timers on them so that the people can prep the coffee the night before and have the timer set so that they wake up to freshly brewed coffee each morning. This is convenient, as long as the person remembers to prep the coffee maker the night before. If not, the coffee maker will automatically turn off again when it senses that there is not any water in it to make the coffee.

There are also some filter coffee makers that have some brewing control monitors on them so that the strength of the coffee can be monitored. This is a nice feature to have if different people in the family have different tastes when it comes to coffee. There are other filter coffee makers that have an additional side to them where espresso coffee can be made and milk can be frothed.