Enjoy the health benefits of green tea coffee

If you are addicted to tea or coffee but want to remain refreshed in a healthier way then you can certainly enjoy the health benefits of green tea coffee. This type of tea or coffee is rich in antioxidants that help keep several diseases including cancer at bay.

Green tea leaves or coffee beans are not fermented but are instead only steamed with water or baked to make them safe for human consumption. This ensures that all the healthy ingredients in tea or coffee are left intact instead of being destroyed in the oxidation and fermentation process. On the other hand, green tea coffee still contains some amount of caffeine that provides you with that refreshing feeling until your next tea or coffee break.

While most people brew green tea leaves for around 5 minutes before drinking the resultant green tea in its original state, green coffee beans on the other hand need to be roasted at home before you can drink it. Roasting your green coffee beans at home offers several advantages. It allows you to roast the beans at a level loved by your palate be it mild, medium or dark. Green beans are also very cost effective as compared to roasted beans and also allow you to drink fresh coffee at al times. You can also prepare delectable espresso coffee or cappuccino once you roast the beans to the desired levels and can now make various variants of coffee just like an experienced barista.

Green tea, on the other hand is extremely easy to make since all you need to do is to steep your green tea leaves in boiling water for up to 5 minutes depending on the strength of the tea that you want. Both green tea coffee surely do promise health benefits although you will definitely need to convince your taste buds to accept and love the difference in taste as compared to regular tea and coffee.

You can also enhance the taste of your coffee drinks by adding several flavors including vanilla, melon, amaretto, hazelnut, etc so as to add a tasty dimension to your coffee drink. The flavors that are available in compact 270 ml bottles do not contain sugar and hence extend the healthy theme. You can easily squeeze in 2 ml of any flavor into your freshly roasted and brewed coffee to get transported into another world filled with delicious aroma and taste.

You should try to avoid regular tea or coffee if you want to prevent fermented products from entering your system. Green coffee that is prepared using water instead of harmful chemicals is the best for your body. While green tea requires no additional processes before consumption, green coffee will have to be roasted in a coffee roasting machine before it can be consumed. Again, you can easily add coffee flavors to turn your plain coffee into palate-pleasing gourmet coffee.

If you are concerned about your health or are a very heavy tea or coffee drinker then you should definitely think green. You should opt for green tea or roast your own green coffee beans to receive several health benefits, albeit with a change of taste, especially in case of tea. You can certainly enjoy the health benefits of green tea coffee while using innovative ideas and flavors to turn the experience into an extra enjoyable one.