Evoke a smile with gourmet coffee gifts

If you want to light up the face of your loved ones or corporate clients then you can surely do so with gourmet coffee gifts. These gift baskets not only look eye-catching but their contents too are sure to bring a smile to those that receive these wonderful coffee-based gifts.

If you find choosing gifts a painful chore then you will surely love the ease with which you can choose a gift basket filled with gourmet coffee beans among other products too. Such gifts are ideal during happy occasions such as Christmas, Weddings, Anniversaries, etc. These baskets also make for excellent corporate gifts as they are cost-effective even though they look expensive and exclusive to the person receiving this gift.

Most gourmet coffee gift baskets are made of plastic or wood that have been stained or painted to provide an exquisite look. They are then filled with various types of roasted gourmet coffee beans and some baskets also contain eye-catching coffee mugs, cookies, candies, and even gift certificates to please both the giver and the receiver. The entire basket is then wrapped in cellophane paper usually with a colorful bow to provide a rich look.

The gourmet coffee beans are sourced from various coffee plantations located all around the globe. Countries such as Costa Rica, Columbia, Thailand, Kenya, and many more provide excellent green coffee beans that are then roasted to perfection. You can choose between whole coffee beans, ground beans or even decaf beans for those people that cannot digest larger amounts of caffeine. You should look at several gift baskets before choosing the one that meets your requirements and sits comfortably within your budget.

You can also opt for flavored coffee beans to inject some fun into your gourmet coffee gifts. There are several tasty flavors available to tickle the taste buds of the lucky people that receive your gift baskets. You can arrange for a variety of flavors such as vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, amaretto, etc within a single basket so that people receiving these baskets can try out different flavors of coffee drinks during their coffee break.

However, you can also achieve the same result in a cost effective manner by ordering for unflavored gourmet coffee beans of the best quality and then placing compact coffee flavor bottles next to them in the basket. You can easily get the above flavors in these compact bottles and will need only 2 ml to flavor any coffee of your choice, be it plain coffee with coffee milk and sugar, espresso coffee, mocha, cappuccino, latte, etc. Your gift recipients will now be able to enjoy more coffee cups per gift basket than ever before. People that receive such baskets will surely thank you for a very long time.

If you want to give a gift to your loved ones or even at a professional level then coffee gift baskets are the way to go. These baskets look eye-catching and also allow the receiver to experience the fine taste of true gourmet coffee sourced from select plantations around the world. You can also lower your costs while offering a wider range of flavors by incorporating compact coffee flavor bottles in these baskets. You can truly evoke a smile with gourmet coffee gifts.