Finding a Coffee Machine

For those interested in coffee machines for commercial use, there are many different options to choose from depending on the needs of the business. There are coffee vending machines that are great assets to have in university and business environments so that patrons can grab a quick cup of coffee when they are on the go and do not have time to go down to the local coffee shop. These coffee machines do not put out the best coffee or espresso products in the world, but they do provide a quick pick me up when it is needed. For those who enjoy sweet coffee treats, they are usually on the sweeter side, although many have functions that allow users to choose the amount of creamer, sugars and other items to add to the coffee as it is dispensed.

Choosing the Type Of Coffee Machine

There are some coffee machines that are made for use in restaurants where all they need is a basic dual coffee maker that allows them to make two pots of coffee at a time, regular and decaf. There are others that are designed for larger restaurant situations where they cannot afford to only have two pots brewed at a time, but need six or more to not just be brewed but to stay hot for their patrons. These coffee machines will cost over one thousand dollars and some up to three thousand dollars to purchase. Many will have an automatic brewing system so that the pots of coffee keep on coming, and each pot of coffee holds about twelve cups so that a large restaurant can be service through the six pots that can be ready at one time.

In other cases, the coffee machine has to be more complex, ready to provide specialty coffee drinks such as espressos and cappuccinos. These coffee machines have to run at a hotter level to provide the espresso the way that it needs to be brewed and also has to have an attachment for steaming the milk for the various drinks that can be made with the machine. These machines can be quite pricey as well, especially since more than one cup of espresso needs to be made at one time to keep business flowing. There are some coffee machines that have the option of making coffee, tea and espresso through the same machine, although these are usually not the best for use in a coffee shop where coffee is the specialty of the store. They are fine to use in a restaurant that wants to offer more options to their guests, however, since the coffee is adequate.