Finding Organic Coffees and Teas

Today, there are many different versions of organic coffees and teas that are sold in the market. There are decaffeinated organic coffees and teas since the decaffeination process has been modified through technology to no longer use harsh chemicals to make it happen. There are certain criteria that must be met by the farmers who grow the organic coffees and teas. Some of these standards are provided by the USDA so that the product can be certified as USDA organic if the company meets those standards. There are also some trade organizations that the companies can join which also have standards, which are often higher than the ones set by the USDA. When a product has both the USDA organic label and the trade organization label, then the consumer knows that the organic coffees and teas meet high quality standards.

Varieties Of Organic Coffee and Tea

There are many varieties of the organic coffees and teas. This allows people to buy different blends of coffees and also flavored coffees such as those that are flavored like vanilla or hazel nut. When these organic products are used with the coffees or teas, they also have to be produced according to the USDA’s standards for organic production. That means that the chemicals that are used in traditional methods of farming are not allowed to be used with the organic coffees and teas. Instead, there is compost and other natural fertilizers that are used to help add nutrients to the soil for the plants. Instead of using chemical pesticides, there are often natural predators for the insect pests introduced to the environment so that they can eat the ‘bad’ insects. The crops are rotated regularly also so that the soil does not get depleted of nutrients over time, such as happens if only one crop is grown in a certain area for years and years. This also helps to prevent erosion of the soil, which is better for the environment.

The organic coffees and teas can also be made decaffeinated by a process that uses water to take out the caffeine. This is much better than the traditional decaffeination methods that use chemicals to take out the caffeine. In addition to making the regular coffee and tea products organically, there are other products that can be produced from the coffee. There is ice cream, yoghurt, sodas and other foods that are deliciously made with the coffee beans. There is even a product made of chocolate covered coffee beans.