Flavorful Fun: Espresso Coffee Maker

Although many people are happy to have a filter coffee maker, there are some who enjoy having a specialty cup of coffee on a regular basis and will choose to have an espresso coffee maker. The majority of the espresso coffee makers are specialized in that particular means of making coffee, but there are others that have a dual capacity to make coffee and espresso types of coffees with the same machine. This is handy because it allows people to have the best of both worlds and not to have to take up additional counter space with another machine. These espresso coffee makers can be expensive depending on the type and brand that is bought, running from about thirty dollars to hundreds of dollars on the market today.

Types Of Espresso Coffee Maker

There are some types of espresso coffee makers that can only brew one cup at a time and can only brew a certain amount of espresso into that cup. Every espresso coffee maker uses a steam pressure brewing process so that the coffee is brewed at higher temperatures which are what makes the coffee turn out much stronger than regularly brewed coffee. Many of these espresso coffee makers are designed to be automatic drip machines where the person does not have to oversee the process at all. They just put in the filter and coffee and the machine does all the rest of the work. There are others that are made to sit on the stove and are a more traditional way of making espresso. These take the individual watching the process and cannot be done automatically.

Many of these espresso coffee makers will come with a steam pipe so that milk can be frothed for other types of beverages that are made with an espresso base. In this manner, cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas can be made with the same machine in addition to many other types of espresso based drinks. There are big differences in the ways that these espresso coffee makers function, so it is usually better to do some research and see what the experts say about these machines before buying them. Otherwise, the experience is likely to be disappointing, the clean up very difficult, and the user will be frustrated with the purchase. When there is a coffee maker alongside the espresso maker, the coffee maker is often programmable so that the regular coffee can be made in the morning right before the person gets out of bed.