Going to an Organic Coffee Shop

Organic coffee shops are beginning to spring up all over the country as people are becoming more educated about traditional farming methods and the ways that they are harmful to the environment and also to consumers. Organic coffee shops use organically grown coffees and teas that do not use these harmful chemicals in their production. In order to be certified organic, the farmers have to follow methods that are clearly laid out by the USDA and they have to be checked periodically by the USDA to ensure that they are following these methods. The soil has to be cleared of chemicals for three years in order to be rated as a place where organically grown fruits and vegetables can be farmed. In addition, the seeds have to be from an organic distributer so that there are not any remnant chemicals that can be passed on to the new plants.

Purchasing Coffee From Organic Coffee Shop

Since the organic coffee shops are set up to sell organic coffees and other drinks, they also have to use other supplies that are made organically. If the coffee is flavored, the other ingredients need to be organic as well in order to be considered an organic coffee shop. The creamers and sugars that are used in the organic coffee shop also need to be produced according to organic standards so that they can have the USDA organic label on them.

Since there are so many options today in organic products, these organic coffee shops can offer the same varieties of drinks that traditional coffee shops offer. In addition to the flavored coffees, there are also decaffeinated coffees that are made organically which can be sold in these shops. There are different blends of coffees that are also produced so that there are other mixes that can be offered as a daily special each day in the shop.

These organic products in the organic coffee shop are produced with natural means such as using compost instead of chemical fertilizers. The plants are also often planted with partner crops so that the insects are less likely to bother either type of crop. In addition, there are often other insects and birds that are introduced to the environment that will help to keep the pesky insect population from attacking the crops. The decaffeination process is also done with the use of items such as water so that it is all harmless to the people drinking it.