Learn A Few Interesting Facts About Instant Coffee

The first real instance of regular use of instant coffee is often traced to the fifties. It was a time that marked a radical departure from the traditional means of preparing a cup of coffee because with instant coffee it became easier to prepare your coffee in less time and also without any need to brew the coffee because this aspect was already addressed in the factories that churned out instant coffee packets. To meet the present demand for instant coffee millions and millions of packets have to be churned out that contain fresh coffee that is concentrated in a manner that ensures that all water content is evaporated from the coffee granules.

Discovery Of Instant Coffee

The originator of instant coffee was a gentleman named George C. Washington who was English by birth but who in the year of the discovery of instant coffee (1906) was earning a living as a chemist in Guatemala. When he became aware that his coffee pot almost invariably developed a powdery build-up he became curious and began experimenting till he came up with a coffee crystal that was absolutely dried out and which is very similar to the coffee that we find being sold today and which is called instant coffee. At that time Washington created his own unique coffee brand called Red E Coffee.

There are two main instant coffee producing techniques that are freeze drying and spray drying. The former method requires that the coffee concentrate be deep frozen at temperatures that are in the minus forty degree Celsius range at which temperature the water particles in the coffee concentrate to form ice crystals. Next, through sublimation extraction of ice from the frozen coffee granules begins and this in turn ends up giving granular coffee which has a very special flavor – even though the freeze drying process does make the coffee lose some amount of normal flavor.

Spray drying is the other method of creating instant coffee and in this method the coffee concentrate has to be sprayed along with heated air and into a high tower. This hot air causes water in the coffee concentrate to evaporate and in doing so the water will fall which leaves just the dried up powdery coffee. This process is much uncomplicated and is simpler to affect as compared to freeze drying. However, because of the heat much of the coffee’s natural properties are lost.

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