Offering Cheap Coffee on the Go: Coffee Vending Machines

When looking for a commercial coffee machine, people have to consider what the machine will be used for the most. There are coffee shops that need to have specialty coffee drinks such as espressos, mochas and cappuccinos, as well as their traditional coffees in the various flavors. There are restaurants that have a high number of clients that need to be able to have multiple coffee pots going at the same time for servers to use in both regular and decaffeinated versions. Each of these requirements changes the type of coffee maker that must be purchased by the business owner. The coffee machines will run over one thousand dollars to five thousand dollars depending on the features that the machine offers and the types of coffees that can be made.

Requirements Of Coffee Vending Machine

For those who run a business or are in charge of a large institution such as a hospital or educational system, they may want to think about installing a coffee vending machine in various places around the campus or place of work. These coffee vending machines have certain requirements that other vending machines do not have, so they are not quite as versatile as the other vending machines. However, they do provide an inexpensive means for people to get a quick cup of coffee when they are on the go and to also specify what they want in their coffee through an easy user interface on the machines.

Most of these coffee vending machines will cost from twenty-five hundred to a little over five thousand dollars. Some requirements that they have as opposed to other vending machines is that they need both electrical supply and water supply to run. In addition, these vending machines are not to be placed outdoors or they may not function in the way that they are designed to function and placing them outside will normally make the warrantee null and void. These machines will usually allow the user to choose from a variety of different types of coffee drinks, from a simple cup of coffee with cream and sugar, to a mocha or latte. Once the type of drink is chosen, the person can choose how dark they like their coffee, how much creamer and sweetener they want in it, and more. Then the machine will dispense the coffee for them and they can go on their way. These coffee vending machines will usually dispense over five hundred cups of coffee before they need to be filled again.