Perfect for One: One Cup Coffee Maker

There are many different types and brands of one cup coffee makers that are available today for those who are on the go and do not want to have to deal with the clean up of the coffee pot each day. There are some one cup coffee makers that will brew straight into a travel mug so that the person is ready to take the mug and go to work when they are ready. There are others that will brew into a coffee cup that the person places beneath the spout. Still others are made to brew into a very small coffee pot that will serve to fill the mug or cup when the coffee is ready to go. These one cup coffee makers will run from about ten dollars to almost one hundred dollars depending on the brand and the features that the coffee maker has on it.

Choosing the Right One Cup Coffee Maker

When choosing a one cup coffee maker, it is a good idea to have a list of features in mind before going to the store. Once in the store and looking at all the coffee makers it can be confusing to sort out which coffee maker is truly the best choice for that person’s needs. The person will need to decide what he wants the coffee brewed into and if he wants to have options in this area. There are some one cup coffee makers that have a removable tray under them so that practically any size of coffee cup or travel mug can be placed under the coffee maker for brewing the coffee. There are others that will only brew into a coffee pot that fits neatly under the spout and still others that come with a travel mug to brew the coffee in.

Another feature that should be considered is the way the coffee is placed into the one cup coffee maker. There are some that require the one cup filters where the coffee is already pre-portioned into the filter so that it can easily be dropped into the coffee maker. While these are handy, they are not always practical for those who like to have their coffee a little stronger or weaker and like to measure out their own amounts. There are also some one cup coffee makers that have timers on them so that the person can set up the coffee the night before and set the timer to have the coffee automatically made before they wake up. Finally, there are also espresso coffee making features that are included on some of these one cup coffee makers which gives consumers additional options when brewing their coffee.