What is Whole Bean Coffee?

Coffee is one of the most widely drank beverages in the world, and is also a stimulant, because it contains caffeine. There has been research that has shown that coffee is not healthy, but as more and more studies have been done, it is actually now thought that if anything coffee is actually good for you.

There are so many different options for drinking coffee, whether you want to get espresso, a certain flavor, certain roast, or get coffee beans that have gone through a certain drying process.

It is really important to realize just how significant each decision you make here is, because each will have a dramatic effect on the overall taste of your coffee.

Most people are not aware of whole bean coffee and what it is or what the differences are between whole bean coffee and the regular kind. Basically, the only real difference between whole bean coffee and the regular brew of coffee that you are used to drinking is that normally the coffee beans are ground up first before they are brewed, whereas in this case they are left whole.

There are quite a few advantages that whole bean coffee holds over its ground coffee counterpart, and which will be discussed here in more detail for you.

Why Go Whole Bean Coffee?

If you are a selective coffee drinker, chances are that you would prefer this to the ground coffee version. If you have never tried it before you will definitely want to, because you are sure to be impressed by the taste. For one, it stays fresher a lot longer, and if you brew it right after lightly grinding you will get a flavor that you simply cannot get from any pre-ground coffee that you find.

So if you want to try whole bean coffee all you need to do is get a coffee bean roaster, your coffee beans, and that is it you are ready go. You will never go back to pre-ground coffee again, because the taste is so much better. This is what all the best gourmet coffee shops use, and which you will want to use in your own café and even just at home if you want the best tasting coffee.

Just remember that there are lots of different varieties of coffee bean that you can choose from, so depending on your own personal preferences, you can find one that you find delicious and which you will enjoy all year round.