What Makes the Gourmet Coffee Exceptional?

Coffee connoisseurs around the world are always in search of new and innovative blends/flavors of coffee. Though the conventional beverage has been in vogue for more than ten decades, the gourmet coffee is around since the past one decade. Being a luscious drink, it has attracted many and has become the favorite of millions within a very short stint of time.

Intricacies of Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet coffee refers to the esteemed variant of coffee that is specially prepared from the superior and high class variety of coffee beans. Arabica or the Robusta are the couple of gourmet coffee variants available in the market.

The Arabica beans are manually picked by hand, freshly roasted and ground. They make up the specialty gourmet coffee that is scrumptious but expensive. The proneness of the Arabica plants to pests and frost makes them rare. Roasting of the Arabica beans is an art that requires jiffy timing, patience and skill. The deep roasting of the Arabica beans to the chestnut brown color, commonly termed as the French roasting, enhances their flavor and aroma to an unimaginable extent. The effort and time taken in the manufacture of the Arabica gourmet coffee is the major factor that makes them expensive and invigorating.

The picking of the Robusta coffee beans is automated. The easy accessibility and the common nature of the Robusta coffee beans are factors that make them affordable. This variant of gourmet coffee has been proven to contain twice the amount of caffeine present in the Arabica variants.

The vital flavors of the gourmet coffee constitute vanilla, Swiss mocha, peppermint, chocolate, pumpkin spice, hazzlenut and almond. Freshness speaks volume about the richness of gourmet coffee. The more fresh the coffee beans are, the more delicious and yummy would be the taste of the gourmet flavored coffee. If you are a coffee aficionado, make sure that you don’t purchase the gourmet coffee bean from a local mall nearby for that would be at least a couple of weeks old. Opt to purchase full beans, refrigerate them in air tight containers and grind/brew them at home instantly based on your needs at your convenience to have a flavorful and aromatic coffee.

Gourmet coffee is available in both caffeinated and the decaffeinated forms. For those of you who do not intend to opt for the tasteless decaffeinated coffee, the dark roasted type would be an apt choice for they are believed to have less caffeine and reduced acidity than the light roasted ones.