Decaf Instant Coffee: How Much Caffeine Is In Your Coffee?

A lot of people are under the illusion that their decaf instant coffee does not contain any caffeine. Unfortunately, your decaf coffee is not 100% caffeine free. Decaf instant coffee is not one hundred percent caffeine free and some decaf instant coffee may even contain more caffeine than you would care to imagine. We have to understand that coffee beans by nature contain natural caffeine. Caffeine is a natural element in coffee. It is not added into the coffee during the processing stage. Since coffee naturally contains caffeine, when we process these seeds and turn them into decaf instance coffee, the natural caffeine may still linger in your brew. Of course the amount of caffeine in your decaf instant coffee may not be as much as what is inside your regular coffee or your espresso instant coffee but just the same, you should be aware that when you drink decaf instant coffee, you are drinking caffeinated beverage.

When Can You Call Your Coffee A True Decaf Instant Coffee?

According to experts, a true decaf coffee should only contain less than one percent of caffeine. This means that for every cup of coffee that you take, you will only get about 3 mg of caffeine. That is considerably lesser compared to the amount of caffeine that you get from your regular coffee. However, if you take several cups of decaf instance coffee, the amount of caffeine in your system adds up. The more you drink coffee, the more caffeine accumulates inside your body for the day. Yes, caffeine gets flushed out from your system within a few hours but that does not mean that you can avoid some of the side effects that caffeine may have on your system. People who drink plenty of coffee reported episodes of nervousness and inability to concentrate so if you drink several cups of decaf instant coffee during the day, there is a big possibility that you too will suffer from undesirable side effects.

Since too much coffee is bad for your health, you need to limit the amount of decaf instant coffee that you drink everyday. According to medical experts, the average human body can only tolerate at much as 300 mg of caffeine a day. Some people may even have lower limits of caffeine than this. Some people are known to suffer from insomnia after drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee during the day. To avoid caffeine related side effects, you should only drink minimal amount of caffeinated beverages a day.