The Old Fashioned Way: Hand Coffee Grinder

There are many advantages associated with the use of a coffee grinder. The major advantage is that the lover of a good cup of coffee will always be able to drink a robust and fresh cup of coffee by simply grinding the whole coffee beans and brewing the hot beverage.

Specifically, it is important to realize that coffee which is ground already begins to lose its flavor and freshness after a couple of days. That is why it is good to grind whole beans just prior to preparing that cup of coffee.

In addition, there are many grinders available for an individual to choose from. Some of those grinders are electrically powered and come with various bells and whistles. One such feature allows the individual to set a dial to measure a certain number of tablespoons.

Also, there are hand coffee grinders. As the name implies this coffee grinder is powered manually and there are certain advantages of utilizing a hand coffee grinder. Specifically, those advantages include its convenience and its grinding action.

Convenience Of A Hand Coffee Grinder

If considering the purchase of a hand coffee grinder, one of the major advantages of buying this type of coffee grinder is the fact that it does not use electricity. This can be argued as a benefit because not only does it save on electricity, but can be utilized in a number of places where electricity may not be readily available. Examples of those situations could include a camping excursion or experiencing a power outage.

In addition, by using a hand coffee grinder, rather than an electric coffee grinder, the coffee making process is enhanced. Specifically, this enjoyment of a cup of coffee is greatly appreciated because of the aroma being released as the coffee bean is ground-up. In addition, through the use of a hand coffee grinder, the coffee grinding process is generally prolonged which allows for anticipation of drinking that cup of coffee to build-up.

Grinding Action

The specific grinding action of a hand coffee grinder is accomplished as the beans are placed into a bowl that is affixed on top of a small cabinet. Also attached to the top of the bowl is a handle which is turned in a circular fashion. Additionally, as part of the grinding apparatus, a burr grinding system is used which crushes the whole bean and eventually provides the grounds that are ready for brewing that cup of coffee.

Additionally, as part of the cabinet feature, a pull out drawer is built into the cabinet and is beneath the bowl apparatus. This cabinet allows for the capturing of the ground-up coffee beans. Once the process is complete, then the drawer is pulled out and the grounds are then placed into the brewing system to make that cup of coffee.