Using Coffee Grounds As Fertilizer Is A Good Idea

The first thing that we normally do after brewing some coffee is throw out the coffee grounds believing that there is nothing more to be obtained from using these grounds. However, with a little research you will soon get to find out that coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer. All you need to understand is that it is possible to recycle the coffee grounds and use them to help you grow plants in your garden. In fact, using coffee grounds as fertilizer will help ensure that your potted plants grow to be better and stronger thanks to the oxygen obtained from the water in coffee grounds and also because these grounds provide the plants with certain much required nutrients.

Sprinkle A Teaspoon Of Coffee Grounds As Fertilizer On Your Plants

Coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer and to make best use of it, it is necessary that instead of emptying the entire coffee grounds in a single plant that you simply sprinkle a teaspoon of it for each of your potted plants. In addition, you should fertilize these plants once in a week with used coffee grounds and then soon you will see that your plants will continue to remain fresh for the entire season.

You can also use coffee grounds as fertilizer in other ways including by adding the coffee grounds to organic fertilizing compost regimens that can then be used for helping plants to grow better – even in a larger sized garden. All you need to do is place the coffee grounds on the compost heap and then aerate this heap on a regular basis. After this you can simply spread this compost on the soil which will ensure that you get a great crop of different flowers and vegetables.

To make best use of coffee grounds as fertilizer you must do a few simple things including sprinkling the used coffee grounds around your plants just before watering the plants or before it rains as this will help to slowly release nitrogen that of course is good for your plants. In a similar vein by adding coffee grounds to piles of compost you will again be able to increase the nitrogen content. And, if you use about half a pound of coffee grounds and mix it in five gallons of water and let the mixture sit in the outdoors you will provide the right temperature for your plants to grow.

There are several tips available that will help you buy ground coffee. The first of these tips is that you must search for whole beans from coffee markets and then ask the seller to grind the coffee just before buying the coffee. Also, it helps to ensure that the ground coffee is packaged in one-way bags which will allow the carbon dioxide to escape and at the same time will prevent air from getting in.