Whole Bean Coffee Is The Number One Choice For Most Discerning Coffee Drinkers

If you, like most people are fussy about which coffee you drink then chances are that you will in all probability prefer whole bean coffee over other coffees and the simple reason for this is that whole bean coffee remains fresh for a longer time and when brewed properly and ground well the flavor obtained will be truly outstanding. This is the case even if the whole bean coffee that you buy is of mediocre quality as the taste will still prove to be very pleasing.

Buy Whole Bean Coffee From Costa Rica

Costa Rica is among the best places to source your whole bean coffee as it is well known for growing excellent coffee beans and as a matter of fact after you give the genuine Costa Rican whole bean coffee a try, you will not want to taste any other coffee. This kind of whole bean coffee remains very fresh and when you brew it the taste will be absolutely heavenly.

The only real problem with choosing whole bean coffee is that this coffee must first be ground and for this it is necessary to purchase a coffee grinder. That would not be such a big deal except for the fact that cleaning a coffee grinder is a real chore but one that is necessary if you want to enjoy the best coffee.

In fact, to brew the best cup of whole bean coffee it is also necessary that you ensure grinding the coffee as close to brew time as is possible. Furthermore, using burr coffee grinders is to your advantage as you will get a more consistent grind size while the blade grinder is less than useful since it fails to provide consistency of grind.

The simple fact is that unless the size of the grind is correct you will not get the best taste out of your whole bean coffee and so don’t underestimate the importance of size of grind. In fact, whole bean coffee that tastes a bit bitter will do so because it has been over extracted and the grind may be too fine. Similarly, whole bean coffee that tastes flat will do so because the grind was under-extracted which is because the grind is too coarse. A burr coffee grinder ensures that you are always able to grind the coffee to a size that will match your tastes.

Gourmet coffee beans are of course known to be very high quality but milder varieties of the Arabica bean. Such coffee beans almost always provide enhanced flavors which are achieved through roasting in a particular manner.